For many, Christmas is definitely the most joyous holiday in the western world. Leading up to that tremendous time, consumers continuously search for the perfect gifts. That means small businesses can increase their Holiday traffic, both online and offline!

In the spirit of Small Business Month, we thought we’d share an article with you to honour that. It’s packed with tips to kickstart planning for a successful holiday campaign. This article not only has tips for small businesses who are just starting out, but also those who might be unsure of where to start a new and fresh campaign. Start by preparing promotional material, measure / gaging when to promote Christmas advertising, when to launch sales, and hand out discounts. Bundle all these tools in your campaign, and you’ll be sure to have a kick-ass holly jolly season!

So, get reading & Jingle All The Way With These Holiday Marketing Hacks!

photo credit: wintersoul1 via photopin cc