Are you ready for an epic 2015 Holiday Marketing season? This year consumers are expected to spend approximately $68.9 billion – is your business prepared to handle this crazy holiday rush? Actually, this time of the year is perfect for getting organized to start up your Christmas campaign. Your customers are prepared to spend and want to spend that money on the right business…yours of course!


Planning a great Christmas campaign can be daunting, especially if you’re just starting out and trying to grasp the ever-changing Holiday tactics. This article gives you the tools to maximize the holiday rush for your business! Canva explains how to establish your holiday campaign strategy, update your marketing and social platforms, and how to make your customers feel special.

This season, do everything you can to maximize the holiday rush, and have that killer campaign you’ve always wanted!

Where to start you ask? By reading this super awesome article by the fine folks at Canva!