A recent Google study found that small and big companies are looking to grow this holiday season but many may not know how to optimize for the online marketplace. According to Chris Hodgson, the Head of Retail and Tech Sectors at Google HQ, Canadians rely on the Internet to research, compare and make decisions for the perfect holiday gift. And nearly 75% of Canucks identify the web as their No. 1 source to search for holiday inspiration! However, as many as 40% of independent retailers won’t reap the digital marketing benefits during the busiest shopping season of the year.

Understanding how digital marketing can benefit small businesses (especially with Christmas being only 1 month away) is still an ongoing challenge with half of the business owners hoping to digitally promote with more help. Compared to a decade ago, these companies are struggling now more than ever to adapt to consumers’ modern shopping habits. In fact, here are 3 main reasons why small businesses continue to struggle with their online presence:

  1. 37% agree consumers shopping has drastically changed
  2. 28% of holiday shoppers conduct thorough research before shopping in-store
  3. 23% find it more difficult to reach the targeted consumer



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So how does your business stack up against the holiday mayhem? If you’re digitally lacking, it’s about time to unify your brand across all platforms and channels. Digital marketing is crucial this season because it encourages growth now and in the future. Soon, all forms of traditional marketing (aka cold-calling) will vanish and digital marketing will rule the world! Okay, maybe not the whole world but will certainly dominate the marketing world.

Thanks to technology, businesses have moved into the Digital Age, where digital marketing methods are faster, more versatile and practical than the traditional ones. So stop worrying because we’re here to give you the tools you need to succeed! Check out this 7-Step Checklist to successful holiday marketing… it’s time to take advantage of the most wonderful time of the year!