Did you know that more than eight out of ten Holiday season shoppers will look for gifts and gift ideas online before they make a purchase? Well, here’s your chance to direct traffic in your favour to increase your holiday sales!

Practical Ecommerce outlines crucial marketing strategies to help kick-start your Christmas Campaign. Every year you ask yourself when Holiday Prep should start, and you never know when or where. A great place to start is marketing to your preferred customers, then diving into Inbound Marketing, followed by Pay-Per-Click Advertising. These three marketing strategies will not only increase traffic to your website, but it will encourage many sales with potential clients.

And don’t worry, it’s definitely not too early to start preparing for the crazy holiday shopping season ahead. You have now until December 24 to get the job done!


So, wanna look like an e-commerce super-star to the head hancho at work? These 3 Christmas Ecommerce Marketing Strategies will definitely get you well on your way!