Without a doubt, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the busiest shopping days of the year in the States and the holiday hype continues to grow for us Canucks as well. This gives us all the more reason to ensure websites and holiday campaigns are well-maintained to increase revenue, while meeting customer satisfaction.

In 2014, online sales for Cyber Monday increased approximately 16-20%, reaching nearly $2.3 billion… and that’s just for the US. Even though your brick and mortar business is in Canada, doesn’t mean your online storefront won’t be widely accessed! Cyber Monday is your chance to boost sales, offer exclusive deals and promotions, while collecting holly jolly reviews and recommendations from your biggest fans.

But wait, isn’t Cyber Monday just around the corner? Fear not, check out our Last Minute Cyber Monday Checklist to get your digital storefront ready to optimize the holiday hullabaloo!



Be Social Ready

Last year, social media alone drove approximately $150 million in online sales between American Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. With online sales continuing to increase, you’ll want to make sure all social networks are running like clockwork because consumers will have questions, comments, and yes… even complaints. Your business will need all hands on deck in order to address your customers in a timely fashion on ALL social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.



Check It Twice

Your business needs to work hard to get your holiday campaign in tiptop shape, so always double check your website, landing pages, visuals (images/videos), content emails, promotions… well, you get the idea. These elements of your campaign not only need to be up and running, but they also need to be working across all browsers and devices! And don’t forget to proofread old and new content for spelling errors and inconsistencies – with high holiday traffic, more eyes will be looking at your business and your brand. Santa would be so proud to know you’ve checked it twice to find out what’s been naughty & nice!



Create Sense Of Urgency

Since we’re talking about Cyber Monday, it’s a no-brainer to build anticipation using social media, blog content, and email drip campaigns to offer exclusive deals to loyal subscribers. This is your last chance to get consumers in your corner for the busiest shopping days of the year.



Supply & Demand

Many businesses underestimate the amount of holiday sales they can generate, so stock up on inventory so you’ll meet the potential demand. Think of it this way: Does Santa ever run out of Christmas presents to deliver for Christmas morning? NEVER, so that means you can’t either! Otherwise, it’s like flying your holiday campaign sleigh with not enough toys or reindeer to get you there. Get your elves hard at work to ensure your products are well-stocked to meet the high demand.



Be Great

Yes, it sounds silly but more leads will convert into loyal customers when you go above and beyond “just doing your job.” So always go that extra mile by offering bonus discounts and awesome perks for consumers, who purchase with you during the holidays. You can even extend savings into the New Year – this will definitely convert your holiday shoppers into brand ambassadors as it’s the gift that just keeps on giving!

Merry Cyber Monday!