For each and every business, customer loyalty is crucial regardless of the industry. Once your leads convert to customers, it’s important to keep their business and keep them happy… and what better way to do that then by giving back this season! For our fellow Canadians, Thanksgiving just past and American Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so let’s get ready for the upcoming Holiday Season and get into the giving mood.


First and foremost, you have to build customer loyalty.

That means you have to truly care about each customer’s needs, and quickly address issues and resolve them as soon as possible. To build customer loyalty, you must keep in mind the Double-7’s: 70% of customers’ buying experience is based on how they were treated when working with you; and 70% of customers will do business with you again again when complaints are resolved in their favour.
It’s important to get to know your customers, and ensure they’re satisfied every time. Start by asking for their name, and use it you have to address them. And if you have more customers than you can remember, get their business card so you have their contact information to follow up later on. Guess what? Studies have found that 67% of customers have hung up the phone because they never spoke to a real person. So call your customers for a change, that way they don’t have to listen to another automated recording!


“Studies also show that people who are referred during the holiday season are more likely to purchase a product or opt-in to a seasonal offer.”

And don’t forget, building customer loyalty also means building your credibility. You have to do what you say you’re going to do, every time! Get on your customers’ good side and it will be easier to up-sell to them this season as they’ve already done business with you. Your loyal customers are your brand Ambassadors, which is your free marketing agent to help you build your brand. Word-of-mouth marketing is a great way to attract new leads since customers are more likely to share their positive experiences through various social media platforms.


“Remember: If they love your brand, they will speak nothing but good things about you and your company!”

Studies also show that people who are referred during the holiday season are more likely to purchase a product or opt-in to a seasonal offer. Remember: If they love your brand, they will speak nothing but good things about you and your company! You can always introduce a Holiday Referral Rewards Program, where every new customer that’s referred can receive discounts, gift cards, etc. But if you really want to interact with your loyal customers, ask them to try new products and offers before they’re launched to the general public. These types of offers give customers a sense of ownership and belonging within your company, knowing their feedback is important to you.


With great customers, comes great customer loyalty rewards!

Okay, so you’ve reeled them in but you can’t play Bait-and-Switch! It’s the holidays, so step into Kris Kringle’s boots and give a little this season. Studies show that 82% of small business owners said loyal customers are the key to growth during the holidays, so keep them happy! Offer discounts, or if they spend a certain amount on a purchase they can receive a free gift. You can also team up with other local businesses, offering associative discounts between purchases at either store. By the way… another way to give your customers a sense of ownership is a Loyalty Rewards Card, with the ability to opt-in to special discounts and promos throughout the season.


They love you… they really love you!

Now, let’s hear how they really feel.
We already know loyal customers say positive things about you, and that’s awesome because it increases conversion rates with potential customers. Holiday feedback helps companies make adjustments when necessary, which gives them the ability to gage improvements. And actually listen to your customers’ feedback – Remember, the customer is always right! Reach out and make sure each customer feel special this holiday season; if they have concerns then address them… No one likes a grouchy Grinch during Christmas!

photo credit: dccraftaholic128via cc