Let’s all stop and think for a second: How many days fall between Black Friday and Christmas Day this year? Answer: 28 days, and that’s not a lot of time especially since Black Friday is just around the corner. Have you started Christmas shopping yet? Here’s a better question: Have you started your Black Friday campaign, or even put one together?

29% of holiday shoppers started shopping before Halloween

Your holiday shoppers are looking for an excuse to shop on Black Friday, and you don’t want to miss out on this incredible opportunity to increase sales. In fact, 29% of holiday shoppers started shopping before Halloween, so it’s time to get your ass in gear! The big-name retailers have already got a head start – they started promoting as early as November 10… 3 weeks before Black Friday!

But before you start planning your awesome campaign, we’ve prepared 3 Kick A$$ Ways To Get Customers Beating Down Your Doors On Black Friday. These tips are sure to give your business the kick it needs to have a successful holiday season!



1.Create Landing Pages for Black Friday

In case you don’t know, a landing page is any webpage where traffic is sent specifically to prompt a certain action or result, helping businesses gain SEO and organic reach. And all the big-name retailers have already started using them including Macy’s, Target, and Home Depot. Keep the landing page as simple as possible until more information is needed, and make sure every visitor is aware the deal is a limited time offer… this creates a sense of urgency to complete the purchase. When consumers first land on the landing page, immediately point out that they have the option to choose if the gift is “For Myself” or “For A Gift.” And if you’d like, feel free to include an FAQ section that takes up minimal space.

Take a look at this awesome example from International New York Times:



…offer subscribers the exclusive chance to purchase products first before deals are released to the public.


2.Offer a Black Friday Email Subscription

Once you’ve successfully put together an epic landing page for Black Friday, include a call-to-action (CTA) to sign up for an email subscription to keep consumers informed on upcoming deals and promotions. This is also an awesome opportunity to offer subscribers the exclusive chance to purchase products first before deals are released to the public. Once new subscribers start rolling in, take them through a Welcome Email Drip to introduce your business and what you do. Then send/share useful articles the subscribers will find valuable – the point of content marketing is to send useful information to your customers that they can apply in real life. Once they’ve started to click on the emails and read the content, start sharing upcoming deals and show teasers of what’s to come!

Here’s an example from GuitarFingers:



 Companies that promoted Black Friday in 2012 saw an increase in mobile sales by 46% with an overall sales increase of 62%


3.Create Mobile Mayhem Around Promotions

There’s only a short window between American Thanksgiving and Black Friday, so make sure you fully utilize it and send your customers “push notifications.” FYI, if you don’t know what push notifications are, they’re alert messages or notifications a customer receives on their mobile device. Data from a Google’s study shows that searches for Black Friday sales peak on Thanksgiving Day, and falls after Cyber Monday. Companies that promoted Black Friday in 2012 saw an increase in mobile sales by 46% with an overall sales increase of 62%.


Want to know where consumers are searching for your products? Check out this mobile device breakdown shoppers use when making purchases online. It’s crucial your business optimizes mobile devices this holiday season to increase and close more sales.


Mobile engagement is paramount for success this holiday season, so ensure your consumers are able to see the latest products and can easily find relevant information. This year’s shopping season is gonna be a long one with well-informed consumers looking for the best digital deals.

Have a great week, and hammer the holiday heck out of your Black Friday marketing!